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Services Outputs Output Characteristics
Dissemination and Communication

Seminars/ workshops





The brochures state the major activities, outputs and modalities of the programme and sectoral projects.

Posters are prepared on strategic operational issues. Leaflets are prepared with the objective of dissemination of technical and management environmental solutions. Both posters and leaflets will be prepared on the basis of environmental and energy audits, field observations of the sectoral project teams, and the proposed management and technical solutions.

PISD-II website is a live instrument of dissemination and communication for all the stakeholders.

Training and Human Resource Development

Training of industry personnel on cleaner production technologies energy efficiency, treatment technologies, environmental management, system and certification

Training activities are executed for the capability building of both employers and employees. Employers are trained in order to make them understand and mobilize resources for the implementation of the proposed solutions.

Employees are trained to equip them with the skills to implement operate the proposed solutions. Most of these trainings will be on the job. A few joint training sessions will be organized for the representatives of industries and other stakeholders.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Framework

Review of environmental policy, strategy and legislation Development, application, implementation and demonstration of sustainability framework for industrial estates

These research based outputs are designed to evaluate important environmental policies, laws and regulations of Pakistan with the purpose to suggest improvement, identify flaws and anomalies for their better and more effective implementation by the relevant government departments.

Cleaner Technologies and Energy Efficiency

Integrated environmental and energy audits and action plans, implementation of cleaner production technologies, implementation of energy efficient technologies, environment and energy reports

Integrated environment-energy audits are conducted to establish the baseline conditions. On the basis of baseline conditions, comprehensive action plans are prepared for each audited unit. Action plans document the proposed CT and ET solutions under priority ranking. The project teams then try to secure commitment from the top management for the implementation of CT and ET solutions. The project teams provide continuous technical assistance to the industrial units throughout the implementation of CTs and ETs.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Designing and implementation of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

The WWTP design as an incentive for the industrial units. Whenever industrial units arrange the resources they are in the position for the quick implementation of the WWTP. Benchmarks for the pollution data established by the environmental audits will be updated and rechecked by generating second set of pollution data at the time of WWTP design.

The WWTP teams will be responsible for providing top supervision services during the construction of the WWTP. Successful commission of the WWTP will also be the responsibility of the WWTP teams.

Environmental Management System and Certification

Development of EMS manual, implementation of EMS, ISO 14001 certification

Industrial units are mobilized to develop and adopt EMS to bring the industry under a system of minimum environmental performance indicators. After bringing the industrial units under EMS net, highly progressive industrial units are targeted for ISO 14001 certifications.

Programme and sectoral projects teams prepare EMS manual with the involvement of the management of the industrial unit. After the approval from management, production teams are trained on the implementation of EMS. After six months an internal EMS audit is conducted to assess the implementation of the EMS and readiness of the unit for the certification.

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

CSR reports of progressive units

The concept of CSR is equally relevant to the small and medium industries. PISD has targeted to pilot test the applicability of the CSR idea for the small and medium industries in Pakistan.

CSR reports are prepared for the most progressive industrial units in each target sector. These reports are inclusive of status of environmental compliance, labor laws compliance, factory law compliance, along with the activities of the social responsibility.

CSR reports are presented to the top management. Training sessions are also be organized for sensitizing the top managements about the benefits of adopting CSR with respect to business image and productivity. Sectoral project teams implement CSR activities with the involvement of the top management.

Performance Reports

Performance reports of all the technology interventions

Performance reports document the impact analyses of the CT, ET, and WWTP implemented under the programme. Major areas of performance to be converted by the performance reports are: water use efficiencies, energy use efficiencies, pollution load reduction, and pollution load treatment at the industrial unit level.