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Compressed Air




Controlled Heating in Hot Water Baths

Environmental Management System

Safety Guard


Good House Keeping


Energy Conservation


Energy Efficiency Options

Safe Chemical Handling


Electricity Saving


Water Conservation


Use of Fire Extinguisher


Energy Conservation Areas

Electric Motor Safety


Oxygen Analyzer Installation

Precautionary Measures For Health and Safety

Steam Conservation


Water Monitoring


Humidification System

Clean Air Better Environment


Efficient Compressed Air System


Foot Safety


Hand Safety


Cotton Contamination


Sugar Leakages


Safety Measures


Noise Effects




Head Safety


Water Leakage


6 Steps for Efficient Store Management


Energy Monitoring for Money Saving


Good Housekeeping


Good Housekeeping Two 

Environmental Pollution


Eye Care


Preventive Measure for Bagasse

Save Oil, Electricity and Labor

Safety Signs for Chemical Usage

Water Conservation


Slippage at Sizing Machine in Textile Weaving Industry

Energy Crises and Our Responsibility

Sustainability Framework

Precaution Measure During Maintains

Textile processing weight lifting 

KATI Fire Fighting

Spinning Fire Prevention 

Sugar Confind Space 

Maintenance at Sizing Machine

Sugar Lab Safety 

Stop Air Leaks 

Precautionary Measures(Fire And Chemical Injury)

Mechanical Energy Saving Options

First Aid