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Name : Azher Uddin Khan
Qualification: B.Sc. City & Regional Planning And M.Sc. in Human Settlement
Experience : He has a diversified experience from project conceptualization, negotiations, coordination, technical supervision, quality assurance and overall management of CPI. He was one of the authors of Pakistan's National Conservation Strategy (NCS). Currently, he is the Programme Coordinator of PISD.
Name : Shafqat Ullah
Qualification: BSc. Chemical Engineering
Experience : He has about fourteen years of professional experience in the industrial environment and energy sectors and has been involved in a number of projects under these areas. Currently he is working as Programme Manager of PISD.
Name : Ibad Ur Rehman
Qualification: MSc Applied Chemistry and MBA Marketing
Experience : Currently, he is working as Deputy Director Projects in CPI Karachi and deputed as Communication Coordinator for PISD (South Zone). He has about fourteen years of professional experience in Environmental Communication, Project Management and Cleaner Production.
Name : Mohsin Uddin Khan
Qualification: BCS (Honors)
Experience : Currently working as Webmaster in CPI. Previously, he has worked at Lead Concept and Astute Solutions as Software Developer from 2006 to2008.
Name : Kashif Shaukat
Qualification: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
Experience : He is currently working as Electrical Engineer in sugar sector project in Punjab. Previously, he has worked as Operation & Maintenance Engineer at Flying Paper Industry Sheikhupura and as Assistant Manager Electrical at A.N Engineering Co. Lahore for one year each.