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The industries around the world have adopted cleaner production and energy efficiency technologies as a better alternative to end of pipe treatment and resource conservation options to be more environmentally, socially and financially competitive and sustainable. In Pakistan, these technologies have been introduced and successfully implemented in major industrial sectors of Pakistan since 1996 under different public-private partnership arrangements and development initiatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN).

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PISD teams conduct training events in Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad in the programme areas of cleaner production, energy efficiency, environmental management and corporate social responsibility. These events include seminars, workshops, roundtables, focused group discussions, brainstorming sessions and stakeholders dialogues etc. PISD teams also participate in the relevant events organized by different stakeholders upon their request.



Brochures, leaflets and posters comprise PISD publications which are developed, printed and distributed to partner industries on important issues related to industrial environment and energy efficiency. They are important tools for raising awareness of industrial personnel on policy and operational issues and are based on literature review and teams’ experience. They serve as means of communication of programme information and knowledge with stakeholders.



The study report titled "Environmental Improvement in Pakistan - The Way Forward" has been uploaded on the website, click here.



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